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Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Monthly Tuition ARB

Basic instructions for setting up an "automated recurring billing" (ARB). Log into the website Click "Club Store" at the top of the page and then click "Tuition" You will be returned to a page with the players you have in the club, any discounts, and a total Follow the instructions on setting.....

Monthly tuition amount changed and you have an ARB

If a monthly tuition amount changes and you have an existing ARB you must cancel your current ARB and setup one with the new amount.   One of the places you can find your tuition information is in the club store.        

Update Existing ARB Credit Card

Log onto http://erie-admirals.comwebsite Go to the "Club Store -> Tuition" Click on "Update" that is next to the MTS-nnnnn subscription number Make any necessary changes to the credit card information Click "Update Credit Card Information on Enrollment ID: nnnnnnn"

Forgot Your Username or Password?

Paying Erie Admirals Tryout Re...on Registration Fees - YouTube


YouTube video to show you how to pay tryout and registration fees.

How to Add/Remove Players to y...bsite Member Profile - YouTube


YouTube video to show you how to add and remove players from your member profile.

How to Become an Erie Admirals Website Member - YouTube


YouTube video on how to become a member.

To Remove a Player from a Team

If you have an active Tuition Enrollment, it must be cancelled first (follow the instructions above) Click "Home" on the top left of the website Click on "Profile" near the middle of the screen Click the photo of your player In the window that comes up, use the drop down select option and select.....

To Cancel an Active Tuition Enrollment

Log into the website Click "Admirals Logo" on the top left of the website Click on "Profile" near the middle of the screen You will see on the right side, your players, click "remove players" In the area that is revealed, it will tell you to "Cancel Monthly Tuition Enrollment" Click the ID.....

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